Requests are pouring in for the video clip to this week’s finale of Saturday Night Live, a sketch featuring the female cast members doing a musical send-up of Mariah Carey’s holiday classic, All I Want For Christmas Is You. 

Instead of presents or a special someone, the women of SNL had a different request – the release of the Robert Mueller report on President Donald Trump and his alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 election.

Led by Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon, the song began on a cheery note: “This needs to be done by Christmas, I need a freaking ounce of cheer.”

Other key lyrics: “I don’t need a full impeachment, I just need a little fun. Please don’t tell us we aren’t crazy. At least indict his oldest son.”

Aidy Bryant later added a line hoping the report needs a “true entree,” and would prove Trump “kidnapped Jon Benet,” a nod to the infamous and unproved child murder.

Later: “We won’t ask for much this Christmas, but at least throw us a bone…Tell us what the hell is happening, and who the F is Roger Stone.”  Also: “We don’t need a long-ass dock, just a single payback stock…Mueller, please come through because the only option is a coup.”

Strong ended the number pleading for the Mueller report to finally come out so she can finally stop taking anxiety medication. We’ll post the video when the sketch becomes available.