Viacom’s Channel 5 is exploring the history of London in a four-part documentary series from The Big Family Cooking Showdown producer Voltage TV.

The British commercial broadcaster has ordered London: 2000 Years Revealed, hosted by Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb, Dan Jones and Rob Bell.

The series will chart the origins of London and its meteoric rise to power and take viewers through the frequently glorious and always compelling history of the British capital. The series examines how it grew from a small Roman trading post, to the capital of the British Empire, and ultimately to the thriving megacity we know today, despite facing dramatic invasions, fires and deadly plague.

Distributed by Banijay Rights, the doc series was commissioned by Factual Commissioning Editor Lucy Willis and is exec produced by Sanjay Singhal and Alice Harper.

Willis said, “London is now a global metropolis but 2000 years ago it was still a wild and uninhabited swamp. The series explores an incredible transformation how a boggy wasteland grew into a super city and one of the most influential places in the world’

Singhal added, “We were intrigued by how we went from being an uninhabited, malarial swamp to a global metropolis in just two millennia. It’s an ambitious undertaking to tell this explosive, extraordinary story in just four films – it’s never short of incident.”