The Daily Show’s Jaboukie Young-White is underwhelmed with Amazon’s announcement it’s locating half of its new HQ in Queens.

“It’s worse than bad, it’s cliche!” Young-White sniffed. “Amazon has been around for 24 years and now they’re doing what any 24-year-old does: Move to New York and gentrify a neighborhood.”

“Do you have any idea how crowded the subway is going to get? It’s already a non-consensual, clothes-on orgy,” he complained to Trevor Noah.

Amazon is promising to invest $2.5B into New York, but New York is giving Amazon $3B, they noted.

And those 25K jobs the 1/2 HQ will bring to town? “Those jobs aren’t going to locals – they’re bringing people in,” Young-White said.

“And don’t think it won’t affect you, Trevor,” he added. “Just wait until mayor tells you The Daily Show has to be hosted by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Young-White cautioned him.

“I actually like Mrs. Maisel,” Noah noted.

“Me too!” Young-White chimed in, smiling. “I haven’t seen it – but I love that it exists.”