President Donald Trump started off the Sunday morning Twitter attack quietly, touting his interview appearance with Chris Wallace on Fox. Twice.

The Commander-in-Tweet initially sent out a blast as a heads-up. He later dialed in the time slots for those anxiously awaiting word and not near a handy reference. The segment will air twice today, allowing Twitter Trump followers no excuses for missing the interview.

Later, the President got in a little dig at one of his main Democratic rivals, Adam Schiff, and found time to talk about the “caravan” that is mounting at the border.

Interestingly, Wallace went after the President for his stances on the media.

The “Fox News Sunday” host chided Trump for calling the media “the enemy of the American people.”

“Barack Obama whined about Fox News all the time but he never said we were the enemy of the people,” Wallace said.

Trump wouldn’t back down. “Nobody believes in the First Amendment more than I do” he claimed, and attempted to clarify that he did not believe all media is the “enemy,” but only outlets which he considers “fake news.”

Part one of the interview above. Part two here:

The tweetstorm so far: