President Donald Trump tonight continued his endless Make America Great Again campaign rallies in advance of the midterm elections. This evening, the President was speaking at an airport hangar in Colombia, Missouri, where he attacked Democrats and specifically Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is battling Republican Josh Hawley for the US Senate in a tight race.

Trump said McCaskill has been “saying nice things,” but said she “wants to get elected and then she’ll always vote against us.”

McCaskill is a target for Republicans seeking to expand their existing Senate margin of 51-49. McCaskill has tried to distance herself from the more rabid Democrats, billing herself as a moderate and saying she supports the President’s efforts to secure the border.

Trump’s rally tonight sounded familiar themes on the economy and his foreign policy successes, but focused on immigration issues and particularly the looming showdown with large groups of Central American civilians who are heading for the US border.

Trump mentioned in his speech that a second “caravan” of potential immigrants is on its way from El Salvador, joining the existing Hondurans heading this way, and said they were filled with “tough men.” Trump also claimed the Democrats are supporting the exodus from Central America, saying they have “gone loco” and calling them the “mob” party.