The creators of People Just Do Nothing have revealed a few details of the forthcoming U.S. remake, discussed a forthcoming feature film and revealed why they were hanging up their microphones in the UK.

Amazon is piloting a remake of the British mockumentary comedy, which is heading in to its fifth season on the BBC. The show follows the lives of a group of friends, including MC Grindah and DJ Beats, who run Kurupt FM, a pirate radio station broadcasting UK garage and drum-and-bass from Brentford in West London.

The U.S version be will be set in North Las Vegas and will be written by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and BoJack Horseman writer Mehar Sethi. It will be produced by British producer Roughcut TV in association with Amazon Studios and will be exec produced by creators Asim Chaudhry, Allan Mustafa, Steve Stamp and Hugo Chegwin as well as Roughcut boss Ash Atalla and Chris Storer, who will direct.

Mustafa told Deadline that it will be set in the world of EDM (electronic dance music) as there’s no garage music scene in the States. He said that the creators won’t be involved in a day-to-day capacity. “It’s about a completely different world so you have to write about what you know, so we don’t want to be involved in that but we are execs on it and we get to get our names in the titles. It’s going to have a different name so if it’s terrible, it doesn’t matter and if it’s great then [makes money sign with fingers],” he joked.

People Just Do Nothing will end in the UK after the forthcoming fifth season, which airs soon on BBC Two. Mustafa, speaking at the BFI premiere of the new run, admitted that it was tough to keep coming up with stories for a group of people that essentially don’t do much. “That’s why it’s the final season; it’s good in a way because you know that world inside out but you can’t go too far. We’re obsessed with the realism,” he said, adding that the team had a “really strong vision” of how the show ends from season two.

However, it’s not the last time people will see the characters on screen. Producer Jon Petrie revealed that the team was working on a feature film. “We’ve just started having ideas and we’re hoping to film next year,” he said. It’s not something the guys will rush, it will be ready when it’s ready and it will be the same team.

“Straight to DVD,” joked Chegwin.

The creators are also now working on a number of other projects. Lily Brazier, who plays MC Grindah’s girlfriend Miche, recently debuted comedy Wannabe on BBC Three, while Stamp and Mustafa are working with Skins creator Bryan Elsey and Designated Survivor studio eOne on a new comedy. The pair have also teamed with director Jack Clough on Gary1987 (w/t), which is set in the world of virtual reality.