LA92 producer Lightbox is keeping its attention on California with a true crime doc set in the remote region of Humboldt County for Netflix. The company, which also made Captive for the SVOD service, is producing six-part series Murder Mountain.

The doc series, which will launch on December 28, is set in the county north of San Francisco and close to the Oregon border, a place of incredible natural beauty and dark secrecy, where marijuana has become the dominant local industry. It’s also a place where dozens of people have gone missing in the last few years – more than any other county in California.

It will focus on 29-year-old Garret Rodriguez, who went missing in 2013. His disappearance, and the events surrounding the investigation into his whereabouts, expose a wild, lawless place, and forever changes the local community. Murder Mountain provides viewers with an exclusive look at Humboldt’s marijuana farms, both legal and illegal and the farmers and dealers associated with the industry, and how legalization of marijuana cultivation and consumption has presented an existential threat to those who have lived happily outside the law for decades.

Murder Mountain is exec produced by Lightbox co-founders Jonathan Chinn and Simon Chinn with Stephen Neely and Matt Testa as co-exec producers. It is directed by Joshua Zeman (The Killing Season).

Murder Mountain is a riveting tale about vigilante justice and outlaw culture in a lawless community that resembles America’s Wild West past,” said the Chinns. “The series pulls back the curtain on a secret world few of us know anything about, with a cast of real-life isolationists, outlaws, vigilantes and other unforgettable characters.”