Jimmy Kimmel demanded White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders get sacked for using tampered video of CNN’s Jim Acosta at President Donald Trump’s unhinged White House presser.

The White House pulled Acosta’s credentials this week after he sprayed Trump with questions about the Russia investigation, caravan fear mongering, etc. Acosta refused to give up his microphone at that morning-after-midterms presser when a clearly agitated Trump told him to shut up, sit down and added that CNN should be ashamed of him.

A White House intern was sent to try to grab the microphone out of Acosta’s hands, which she attempted several times, as Acosta said “Pardon me ma’am” and kept going.

“Not only did they suspend his credential, they claim Acosta accosted a female intern,” Kimmel marveled in his JKL monologue.

“That’s where the Hucka-B.S. machine comes in,” he revealed.

“She tweeted a doctored video clip that they believe to be from Infowars, which is a web site for the mentally unbalanced, in which they sped up Acosta’s hand movement, to make it look more violent,” Kimmel informed his viewers.

“And the part where he says ‘Pardon me ma’am’ – they cut the audio out.”

“Jim Acosta clearly never touched that White House intern. That’s just a lie,” Kimmel stated.

On the bright side, the ABC late-night host snarked, “This also might be the first time I’ve seen Sarah Sanders take the woman’s side on any subject ever. So good for her. Baby steps.”

“She should be forced to resign for that,” Kimmel insisted.

“She intentionally disseminated doctored video footage to discredit a reputable journalist. She’s the White House press secretary! She should be fired for that,” Kimmel pressed.

Meanwhile, Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway was spreading the nonsense around cable news with “some of her fakest indignation to date,” Kimmel said, bringing out his Conway puppet to answer questions about that.