Donald Trump, as we’ve known for 40 years, hates to cede the spotlight. So just as NASA was making an ultra-rare successful Mars landing that was carried live on some outlets, the president of the United States decided to float the idea of a state-run television network “to show the world the way we really are, GREAT.”

We’ll pause a moment to let you digest that.

ndrew Harnik/Shutterstock

OK, so you’ve read the news-via-tweet above, now it’s time to unpack it. Trump’s idea — or that of whomever he heard say it this morning — would be laughable if it weren’t so ludicrous. And authoritoiran. His first tweet is a slam at CNN, which “doesn’t do great based on ratings, outside the U.S.,” and he appears to think the real ratings gold could come from Citizens of the World being told what’s really going on here in ‘Murica.

No word on whether Fox News would be involved.

It will be fun to watch whether this becomes a thing or is just another “plan” Trump vomited forth to grab a headline, ideally a news cycle. So, Deadline commenters, what might the new global U.S. news network be called? MAGA TV? RFN: The Real Fake News Network? Or, most likely, Trump TV?

Let us know what you think.