Are Buyers Still Hungry For Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo? You Bet They Are…

EXCLUSIVE: “The kid is resilient,” Richard Crenna’s character Trautman marvels about Rambo in First Blood. Four films and $730 million in theatrical gross later (and 10 years since the latest installment), the Sylvester Stallone action franchise remains just that.

Buyers have flocked to Rambo V, with Millennium selling out on the movie between Cannes and the American Film Market, which kicks off Wednesday in Santa Monica. At a time when presale sell-outs are harder to come by, it’s fun to see the appeal Sly and the franchise still have with distributors.

Buyers include Lionsgate for U.S. and UK, Universum for Germany, Metropolitan for France, Notorious for Italy, Vertice 360 for Spain, VVS for Canada, Mis. Label for Scandinavia, DFW for Benelux, Monolith in Poland, United King for Israel, Eagle for Middle East, California Filmes for Latin America and Mexico, Top Film for Russia, CIS and Baltics, Dadi for China, Gaga for Japan, JoynCinema for South Korea/Thailand and Tanweer for Pan Asia Pay TV. Amazon Prime Video has the exclusive first-run SVOD window in the U.S.

Odeon will release in Greece, Lusomundo in Portugal, One Dollar in Hong Kong, PT Parkit in India/Vietnam, PT Amero in Indonesia, and VAA in West Indies, One World in Malaysia/Singapore, Deepjoy in Thailand, Tandem in Bulgaria, North Video in Czech and Slovak Rep, Blitz in Ex-Yugo, and Bowline in Romania.

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Shoot is winding down on the film, in which Rambo pits his brawn against a Mexican cartel. Adrian Grunberg (Get The Gringo) directs; Paz Vega, Oscar Jaenada, Yvette Monreal, Sheilah Shah and Sergio Peris-Mencheta are among the cast.

Stallone has already posted a bunch of imagery from set (his Instagram is a treasure trove for fans, including a latest post of Rambo’s ‘Heartstopper’ knife), but above is an official and exclusive first-look production still for those fans out there.