With a momentus political week behind him and a day filled with commentary on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation in the rear-view mirror, President Donald Trump did today what others often do on social media when the weekend comes – he spotlighted his friends and family.

Although the Commander-in-Tweet kept to a light schedule, he did send out a couple of messages in the early going. The first spotlighted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent visit with the president’s friend – or, perhaps, more than friend – Kim Jong-un. The two were pictured sharing a warm handshake and some serious negotiations across an impressively big table.

The second message of the day was a shout-out to Kenya. The President retweeted wife Melania’s safari pictures, cementing the close ties between the US and the African nation where former President Barack Obama was bor…er, descended from.

Today’s tweets so far: