Late Night with Seth Meyers took a closer look tonight at President Trump’s closing argument for the midterms, claiming he was lying about health care, immigration, and a made-up tax cut.

Meyers interspersed his quips about Trump between clips of the President speaking at a Wisconsin rally, where Trump mentioned several times that he was “trying to be nice” about Democrats and their plans for a “socialist takeover.”

“Low energy Trump is so weird,” quipped Meyers. “You’re like a cannibal who wants credit for just licking people’s faces.” He added that Trump was acting like “someone who was forced to wear a suit for the family Christmas photo.”

Meyers also took a shot at Trump’s vague information on what he promised was a “massive middle class tax cut” that was being “studied ’round the clock” and would be unveiled around Nov. 1. Of course, Congress is out of session until Nov. 6, Meyers noted.

“Give Trump credit for one thing – he doesn’t overwhelm you with details,” Meyers said.