Kaitlan Collins is the latest player in the saga of “Twitter apologies for something offensive I said years ago”. The CNN reporter recently received backlash when tweets with gay slurs resurfaced.

The Log Cabin Republicans dug up Collins’ tweets from 2011 where she used the word “fag” and said that she didn’t know if she wanted to room with a lesbian. The tweets were in response to other tweets so the context isn’t clear. Still, she used the derogatory word and came off as homophobic. It was enough for her to get a backlash.

When the tweets resurfaced, Collins did not waste time to send out an apology.

“When I was in college, I used ignorant language in a few tweets to my friends,” Collins wrote.” It was immature but it doesn’t represent the way I feel at all. I regret it and apologize.”

Prior to joining CNN as a White House correspondent, Collins worked for The Daily Caller which was founded Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel.