‘Aquaman’ Dives Into Epic Mode With Splashy New Trailer

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A new trailer for Warner Bros/DC’s Aquaman shows Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) bringing a brawny, surfer-dude vibe to the title role, and shows him engaged into a perilous quest for ancient secrets with an engaging charisma. The overall effect evoked? Take The Mummy (1999) and just add water.

The character Aquaman dates back to November 1941 in the pages of DC Comics but may be best known to the general public as the bland and blond member of The Super Friends cartoons from the 1970s. The hero who talks to fish was also mocked memorably on The Entourage, which only added to the challenge facing director James Wan with the new film, which opens in theaters December 21.

Momoa was introduced as the seafaring loner with superhuman strength in Justice League which undermines some of the excitement for new film, but Wan has gone to great lengths to inject an exuberance in the hero’s stand-alone bid to be a franchise property. The trailer shows that Mera (Amber Heard) will be the brainy partner-in-adventure to Aquaman (aka Arthur Curry), which is a slightly different wrinkle than the traditional portrayal of the couple who rule over the undersea kingdom of Atlantis and tangle with threats like Black Manta (portrayed in the trailer and film by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II).

The trailer is five minutes — a deep dive into the movie’s world and a proof-of-life for a film that wants to step away from the DC Comics film adaptations of late that have been criticized as grim and plodding.

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