It’s a holiday weekend in the US, and while many people are letting go of their usual responsibilities, President Donald Trump is turning up the heat.

Starting late on Friday night, the Commander-in-Tweet unleashed a torrent against some of the usual suspects, but found time for some new targets. After some throat-clearing cheerleading for the Rasmussen poll, which indicated a 48% approval rating for his presidency – “higher than President Obama” – Trump went into attack mode.

The Washington Post/ABC poll, an apparent Bloomberg breach of confidentiality, the news system in general, Canada, the FISA court, the Dept. of Justice, and the dossier (or the “Fake Dossier,” as the President calls it) were all on the menu.

So far, the President has stayed well away from commenting on THE major event in town – the funeral of Sen. John McCain.

Today’s tweetstorm as of this morning: