Seth Meyers unpacked a lot of baggage on Tuesday night when it came to Donald Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh for the vacant Supreme Court seat.

“Let’s just step back for a moment and consider the fact that Trump is trying to appoint someone to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court while simultaneously being implicated in a truly staggering number of criminal cases and corruption scandals,” Meyers pointed out.

He added, “That’s like Bonnie getting arrested and saying, ‘You know who would make a great judge?….Clyde.'”

Meyers proceeded to pull out receipts of all those recent indictments, guilty verdicts and pleas that have been hovering over Trump as a result of the Robert Mueller investigation including Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Chris Collins, and Duncan Hunter.

The late-night host also pointed out that Trump openly admitted on Twitter that he wanted the justice department to cover up crimes by Republicans to help them win elections.

“Not only is Trump corrupt but he is obvious about it,” said Trump. “He’s like a guy who tries to pick your pocket from the front.”

He went on to talk about all the legal jeopardy Trump is facing and mentions that excerpts from Bob Woodward’s book new book Fear: Trump In the White House were leaked including a conversation where Trump’s lawyer John Dowd warned him that if he testified in the Russia probe he would go to jail. Dowd said he was convinced that Trump would commit perjury if he talked to Mueller. Trump insisted he would make a good witness to which Dowd said ““You are not a good witness.”

Trump apparently knew that the book would be negative. He and Woodward had a conversation about the book last month and Trump slowly realized it would be damaging to him.

“He’s like a guy who doesn’t understand why he’s being dumped,” Meyers said.

Because of all of this, Meyers said its “absurd” to let him appoint someone to the SCOTUS seat especially a “lifelong partisan Republican” like Kavanaugh. Meyers says that the Republicans are rushing the nomination with an “unprecedented level of secrecy” and withholding documents that could be damning. Instead, they are selling him like he is “your next door neighbor” or a “carpool dad”.

“I’m sorry you think he’s qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice because he’s a carpool dad,” said Meyers. “Anyone could drive a car — Ruth Bader Ginsberg pulled one when she won world strongest judge.”

He went on to talk about how Democrats tried to delay the nomination because of the withheld documents but Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley did everything he could to ignore them by tapping his gavel, interrupting, and shouting over them.

“You know you’re not in a good place when you have to scream your banal compliments at the witness,” joked Meyers.

Watch the video above.