James Corden was serious on CBSThe Late Late Show last night regarding his ousted network boss Les Moonves, addressing the departure in a brief, joke-free post-monologue statement.

Seated at his desk and looking into the camera, Corden said:

A late-night host’s job is to come out and make jokes about the news, but sometimes that news isn’t very funny. It’s been a very difficult day here at CBS, but that pales in comparison to how difficult it must be for the many women who are coming forward. They are being listened to, and they are being heard. And it’s only by listening to these stories that we as a society can make sure the corporate culture that has been exposed in this last year or so may never be allowed to return.

From there, The Late Late Show went to a commercial break.

The approach differed from the one taken by network stablemate Stephen Colbert, who mocked Moonves by noting, among other things, “Les Moonves is gone — for at least nine months until he does a set at The Comedy Cellar.”

This past weekend at the Creative Arts Emmys, Corden declined to discuss Moonves. After winning for Best Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for Snapchat’s James Corden’s Next James Corden, the host was asked backstage about Moonves.

“I feel like it’s about 95 seconds after we all just won an Emmy on Snapchat and a strange time to talk about such a thing, but I understand and appreciate your question,” Corden said, adding “thank you” before ending the Q&A.