President Donald Trump tweet-boasted about his accomplishments in office as, behind the curtain, he was aggressively trying to ferret out the author of the anonymously written New York Times op-ed asserting “many of the senior officials” in Trump’s administration were working diligently to check/thwart some of the more dangerous and/or illegal moves of an “amoral,” “impetuous” and “petty” POTUS.

Trump began this morning’s Twitter activity complimenting Kim Jong Un, who had tossed POTUS a lifeline by proclaiming his “unwavering faith in President Trump.”

To which Trump tweet-simpered in response, “Thank you to Chairman Kim. We will get it done together!” Trump is referencing his effort to get Kim to de-nuke his country, though reports indicate that, since their made-for-TV summit, the opposite has been going on in North Korea.

That tweet meshed neatly with the stunning NYT op-ed, penned by someone identified only as a senior Trump administration staffer. The op-ed asserts Trump has a preference for autocrats and dictators, and “little genuine appreciation for the ties that bind us to allied, like-minded nations.”

[MSNBC’s Morning Joe had a field day with that tweet. Joe Scarborough snickered that while Trump is “being taken apart by people in the same room” he “draws comfort from one of the most blood thirsty tyrants on the globe,” observing, “his friends are despots.”]

Trump, via Twitter, then began to lob alt-right triggers  – Deep State and the Fake News Media who, he asserted, are “going Crazy” because his “Economy is booming like never before.”

As he had done the previous afternoon during a White House photo op with sheriffs from around the country, shortly after the NYT published “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” he began to list his successes including “soon TWO Supreme Court justices,” consumer confidence and manufacturing jobs levels. He added, “& maybe Declassification to find Additional Corruption. Wow!”

“It’s the story of the Trump Administration, the Economic Success, that’s unnerving his detractors,” Trump tweeted, quoting one of his biggest TV news fans Maria Bartiromo.

Trump wound up his morning exertions quoting James Freeman in the WSJ, saying he had “faithfully followed the agenda he campaigned on in 2016. People should focus on the results and they’re extraordinary!”

This morning’s Trump Tweets: