There was the unexpected – a live marriage proposal – but the results ran pretty much to form at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. Old-timers like Henry Winkler finally had their breakthrough, Thandie Newton and Stephan Dalphy discovered that the second-time nominated was the charm for victory, and a generally celebratory spirit prevailed as the concept of diversity finally got more than a nod and a wink. In a year where #MeToo exploded and several prominent executives were undone by bad behavior, the fact that some good emerged sent everyone home with at least some hope for the future. Check out Deadline’s live blog for how it all went down.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:01 pm

Will Colin Jost and Michael Che hit Les Moonves hard, the way that Harvey Weinstein was excoriated in last year’s Oscars? It will be very interesting to see if the show stays in celebration mode, or will those guys go for the jugular the way they do on Weekend Update?

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:02 pm

Welcome to the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards. You have Mike Fleming and Nellie Andreeva with you in LA, while I’m on live blog duties from London where… there is no live stream. So this’ll be interesting. Be sure to follow along and lob a comment or two our way – I’ll keep an eye on reader comments throughout the night to throw into the discussion.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:03 pm

Mike – they joked that they would be mocking everybody in Hollywood that didn’t have the power to destroy their careers. So it’s a safe bet in the case of Moonves…

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:07 pm

They also recently complained that they weren’t that enamored of awards shows, so will they go out of their way to give us a reason to watch?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:12 pm

After tackling diversity in the opening musical number, the Emmys jumped straight into the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal. Hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che welcomed the “many creative and talented people in Hollywood who haven’t been caught yet.”

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:14 pm

This feels like deja vu, if you watched the Oscars after the Oscarssowhite controversy a couple years ago, when the jokes were about diversity. Was kind of a lightweight opening routine by Jost and Che.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:15 pm

The Fonz wins!

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:16 pm

WINNER: SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES – Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau, Barry • HBO, HBO Entertainment in association with Alec Berg and Hanarply

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:17 pm

WINNER: SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES – Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau, Barry • HBO, HBO Entertainment in association with Alec Berg and Hanarply

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:18 pm

Outrageously, The Fonz never won. This is his first Primetime Emmy. But he was nominated three times for Happy Days.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:18 pm

‘Barry’ had been considered a dark horse in the comedy side dominated by ‘Atlanta’ and ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’. Maybe we’re in for a surprise. 

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:20 pm

Nice to see nice guy Winkler win. But it is also interesting how much showbiz has been demystified. As we saw Matt Smith and Claire Foy take the stage to give the award, was I the only one who thought, Pay Disparity! Something that came out when our Peter White asked an innocent question of the producers at a panel and it turned out he got a lot more than did she, even though Foy was the star. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:21 pm

Let’s hope Matt Smith’s presenter goodie bag wasn’t stuffed with an extra thing of face cream tonight.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:22 pm

Nice jab at the trend of awarding comedy series that are not that funny.”A comedy is just a drama that is 30-minute long” — Colin Jost

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:23 pm

A nifty set up, where they announce the nominees before the presenters take the stage, so they can get onto other things.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:24 pm

WINNER: SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES – Alex Borstein as Susie, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • Prime Video; Amazon Studios

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:24 pm

First the Fonz, now Lois Griffin from Family Guy!

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:25 pm

Mrs. Maisel is on the board. This was an early Emmy-tipped hit when it debuted last November.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:26 pm

Yes. And this will go down as one of the oddest acceptance speech appeals, “Ladies stop peeing on toilet seats.”

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:26 pm

It was also the subject of one of AwardsLine’s cover stories this season. Here’s a link, though I’m sure Mike will just accuse me of trying to drive people away from the liveblog again.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:27 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A COMEDY SERIES – Amy Sherman-Palladino, Written by; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • Pilot • Prime Video; Amazon Studios

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:28 pm

Amy Sherman Palladino was shot out of a cannon. Gotta love the spirit though I understood none of what she said.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:28 pm

And it’s a twofer. The Pilot episode of the show went up in one of Amazon’s pilot seasons, so it actually went out in March last year.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:30 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A COMEDY SERIES – Amy Sherman-Palladino, Directed by; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • Pilot • Prime Video; Amazon Studios

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:30 pm

Very quick trip back to the stage for Amy and another key win for ‘Mrs. Maisel.’ This is what a sweep looks like. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:30 pm

It does smell like it’s heading that wa.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:32 pm

Nellie, could we be witnessing the birth of a new Emmy mainstay here? 

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:34 pm

I’d say the birth of a new Emmy darling for sure. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:34 pm

Lead Actress in comedy is next. It’s hard to think Rachel Brosnahan is anything other than the frontrunner right now.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:36 pm

They are keeping the pace moving, but you wonder if they watched the lagging Oscar ratings, and realized that a lot of Trump polemics would polarize the audience. The risk is that things could get benign and boring. Lets see if Che and Jost dare sharpen the knives a bit. The tension is all over, just last night Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett brawled at a party.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:36 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES – Rachel Brosnahan as Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • Prime Video; Amazon Studios

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:37 pm

But Mike, the polemics come from winners rather than hosts; surely there could have been no directive not to bring up politics so we may yet get something.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:37 pm

I guess it is up to the cast of Mrs. Maisel then. They are hoovering up the awards.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:38 pm

If I wanted to up the ratings on my awards show I might have made a last-minute call to Arnold’s and Burnett’s reps and got them to present an award together tonight.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:39 pm

Rachel continues the ‘Mrs. Maisel’ sweep and is the first winner to go political, urging viewers to vote in November. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:39 pm

There will be a Mrs. Maisel pause now for a while. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:39 pm

No Maisel noms in the next few categories.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:40 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES – Bill Hader as Barry; Barry • HBO; HBO Entertainment in association with Alec Berg and Hanarply

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:41 pm

A second award for Barry. I daresay few saw this coming.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:43 pm

For an institution like the TV Academy that likes sticking with favorites, it’s been quite a run tonight with all comedy awards so far going to newcomers, ‘Mrs. Maisel’ and ‘Barry’.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:43 pm

Nellie was spot on in her opening remarks. This Emmys is an homage to Saturday Night Live, past and present cast with Tracy Morgan, Andy Samberg and now Bill Hader winning. But that show often has a lot of clunkers in between the high moments. Is anyone else here feeling a tad bit bored? When does it get fun?

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:44 pm

Could the absence of Veep this year have encouraged voters to look further afield?

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:46 pm

And, perhaps as a follow-up to that, will Veep’s return lead to an overcharged comedy race when it comes back?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:47 pm

Another witty category definition courtesy of Colin Jost — “Limited Series is when a movie star reaches the limit on their credit cards.”

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:48 pm

There are so many nominations for Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story in the next couple of limited series acting categories. Two in Supporting Actress. Three in Supporting Actor. Will they split votes?

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:48 pm

Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen added nothing to the show with that comic bit. Wow they are making the Oscars look like a tour de force thrill ride!

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:49 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE – Merritt Wever as Mary Agnes; Godless • Netflix; A Netflix Original Production

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:50 pm

This is a great result. Wever does something remarkable in this series – and I would love to see Jeff Daniels take the next category for it too. 

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:51 pm

Netflix already made strides in the reality categories this year with an win for ‘Queer Eye.’ Now the streaming service is making inroads in limited series with ‘Godless.’ 

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:52 pm

Someone gong Maya and Fred, please!

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:53 pm

Mike, are you just salty because they haven’t done a montage set to the music from Love, Actually?

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:53 pm

No, Joe. They suck

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:53 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE – Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin; Godless • Netflix; A Netflix Original Production

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:55 pm

I’m a sage. Thrilled for Daniels here; Frank Griffin must be the best Western villain in decades. He was another AwardsLine cover star.

Encore: Jeff Daniels On ‘Godless’, ‘The Looming Tower’ And His Message To Trump: “Be Prepared To Duck, Orange Man”

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:55 pm

My interview with Daniels was incredibly politically charged. I’d be surprised if there were no fireworks in his speech.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:55 pm

Jeff, when you name your driver, and your horse, you really should name your kids!

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:56 pm

Five years after his first Emmy for ‘The Newsroom’, Jeff Daniels wins again. The most fun speech so far. Unlike five years ago, he seemed well prepared.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:56 pm

So Joe, you are blaming your absence for the lack of firepower in Jeff Daniels’ acceptance speech?

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:57 pm

More Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen!
Said no one, ever.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:57 pm

He must have given me all his best political thoughts. But Mike, he’s a double nominee, so there’s still time.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20185:57 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A LIMITED SERIES, MOVIE OR DRAMATIC SPECIAL – USS Callister (Black Mirror) • Netflix; House of Tomorrow; William Bridges, Written by, Charlie Brooker, Written by

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:58 pm

This is a controversial one. Is USS Callister really a TV movie as Netflix pushed, given it’s part of an anthology series?

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:58 pm

Still, not an unexpected win.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20185:59 pm

Joe, can you translate the Brit’s acceptance speech?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20185:59 pm

This is turning into quite a nail-biter — HBO and Netflix are currently tied with 19 Emmys each. The race for top network will go down to the final stretch with drama series where HBO has heavyweight ‘Game of Thrones.’

Joe Utichi September 17, 20185:59 pm

I’m sure he’s saying lots of really interesting and profound things, being that he hails from an incredible nation, but I wouldn’t know for sure since this incredible nation isn’t actually showing the Emmys. I’m sat in silence here.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:01 pm

What you just said, I’m reminded of Hugh Grant’s speech as prime minister, as Billy Bob Thornton stood at a podium next to him. So moving, about British pride

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:02 pm

Game of Thrones is repped in the next couple of categories Nellie. That might provide an early indication of if this season can continue the GRRM juggernaut.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:02 pm

Sometimes I wonder if Mike has seen any other movies than Love, Actually.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:02 pm

Do you think Emmys will go for Game of Thrones this year, when The Americans was so good and has ended its run? GOT ought to clean up after the final year. But I must admit, it’s the best show i have ever seen. American series. Gomorra is a pretty amazing drama series too. Also available on Netflix. 

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:03 pm

I saw A Star Is Born in Toronto, Joe. Can you say, Best Picture frontrunner?

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:04 pm

To be honest, I think that top category – which is obviously last tonight – has a list of nominations so strong I could make a case for why each of them might win tonight.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:05 pm

Two whole movies now?!

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:05 pm

Betty White looks amazing for 96.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20186:10 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A LIMITED SERIES, MOVIE OR DRAMATIC SPECIAL – Ryan Murphy, Directed by; The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story • The Man Who Would Be Vogue • FX Networks; Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:11 pm

There goes David Lynch’s last chance to go home with an Emmy.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:11 pm

There is a theme of diversity and inclusion tonight, and Ryan Murphy has used his clout to create more of that than just about anyone in that auditorium. Good for him.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:12 pm

Nice thank-you speech from Netflix-bound (and newly bearded) Ryan Murphy to his Fox/FX family, including Dana Walden, Peter Rice, Gary Newman and John Landgraf.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:13 pm

Second directing Emmy for Ryan, he won in the comedy category for Glee.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20186:13 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE – Regina King as Latrice Butler; Seven Seconds • Netflix; Fox 21 Television Studios

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:14 pm

Netflix edging ahead here tonight…

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:15 pm

I love Ryan Murphy, but am I alone in being a little disappointed that there was no recognition here for Lynch and Twin Peaks? Or was it always going to be too esoteric for voters?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:16 pm

The TV Academy LOVES Regina King. Third win in four years in the limited series category for her and third consecutive nomination. The previous ones were for American Crime.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:17 pm

Netflix cancelled Seven Seconds back in April, meaning this win is a one-and-done for King and the show.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20186:17 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTOR IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE – Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan; The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story • FX Networks; Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:18 pm

Darren just got a big role in Midway, the Roland Emmerich-directed WWII feature film epic.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:19 pm

Criss is terrifying as Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace. A real stretch of a performance expertly delivered. A good win.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:21 pm

And goes a little bit against the grain. The TV Academy likes awarding movies stars, and they had a big one in the category with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:22 pm

Not to mention Daniels and Banderas.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:27 pm

This is excruciating.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:28 pm

Are you watching Love, Actually again?

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20186:28 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A VARIETY SPECIAL – John Mulaney, Written by; Kid Gorgeous At Radio City • Netflix; Jax Media

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:28 pm

No, the 70th Emmy Awards.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:28 pm

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:29 pm

Didn’t see John Mulaney’s special, but how could it have been better than the one by Martin Short and Steve Martin. Damn funny stuff.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20186:31 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A VARIETY SPECIAL – Glenn Weiss, Directed by; The Oscars • ABC; The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:31 pm

Either way, another Netflix victory.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:31 pm

I love this category. The Oscars gets an Emmy. Mike, we watched that Oscar show. Do you agree?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:32 pm

Netflix made a huge push into standup comedy specials, making a slew of giant deals for bold-faced names. It paid off with a win that put Netflix two ahead of HBO. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:32 pm

Honestly, I’m disappointed the Emmys have yet to see fit to create a category for Outstanding Awards Show Live Blog. I feel like we could have taken that one. (Nobody disagree in the comments, please. My ego is very fragile).

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:32 pm

When we thought we’d seen it all — a proposal live at the Emmys!

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:33 pm

I liked the Oscarcast very much. People made such a fuss about the ratings, but a lot of that has to do with the nominated films.
He should have used the marriage proposal during the oscars.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:35 pm

And she said yes! The Emmys just had a moment that will be remembered. Congrats to Glenn Weiis and his fiancee. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:35 pm

Thank god she said yes.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:36 pm

A genuine moment at an awards show. Has that ever happened before??

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:38 pm

You are forgetting about the group selfie coordinated during Ellen’s Oscar show.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:38 pm

I’m fairly sure I’m not.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:41 pm

“Dang! Following up that proposal with the in memoriam…I need more kleenex!” says Julie in the comments. You and me both, Julie.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:46 pm

Nellie, how important is it if Netflix eclipses HBO’s tally in Emmy wins? What is it telling us about where the business is going?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:48 pm

It validates Netflix’s strategy to outspend and out-volume everyone. 

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20186:50 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES – Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister; Game Of Thrones • HBO
HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; 360 Television/Startling Television

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:50 pm

But this is about quality, too, isn’t it?

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:51 pm

Nice to see the love between the Lannister brothers as Peter Dinklage wins. Such a terrific cast.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:51 pm

Here comes ‘Game of Thrones’ with the first win of the night, a record-tying trophy for Peter Dinklage.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:51 pm

There’s no denying Netflix is putting out a lot of quality, awardable shows. But they’re also putting out a LOT of shows. A little from both columns perhaps? Creatives rave about the experience of working with them.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20186:52 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES – Thandie Newton as Maeve; Westworld • HBO; HBO Entertainment in association with Kilter Films, Bad Robot, Warner Bros. Television

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:53 pm

Netflix crushed it at Toronto; the Paul Greengrass and Alfonso Cuaron films were exquisite. They are getting top filmmakers. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:54 pm

This is Westworld’s first win on the main Emmy evening (its ninth overall). It was tipped as a key frontrunner last year but didn’t go the distance. Can that change this year?

Mike Fleming September 17, 20186:55 pm

Or will Westworld’s hopes go South? Is that what you are asking?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20186:55 pm

Nice one-two drama punch for HBO for returning favorite Game of Thrones and Westworld, which was shut out at the main telecast in its first Emmys last year. 

Joe Utichi September 17, 20186:56 pm

Sure, Mike. In other news, Thandie Newton is British. Just throwing that out there.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20186:59 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A DRAMA SERIES – The Americans • Start • FX Networks; Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions; Joel Fields, Written by, Joe Weisberg, Written by

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:00 pm

Richly deserved win for The Americans. Unsung, terrific show.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:00 pm

Your beloved is on the board, Mike. Drama Series is feeling like it’ll be a nailbiter.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:01 pm

Nellie and Joe, will we see these kinds of edgy series on Fox owned networks once Disney takes ownership?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:01 pm

The Americans is following in the Friday Night Lights — an underrated drama series that won a writing Emmy for its swan swong. For a full repeat, we also need a win for Matthew Rhys.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:02 pm

There are no plans to Disney-fy FX. All those Emmys tonight should support that.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:03 pm

To me, it makes sense that we will. Remember Disney is making a streaming play. That demands a diversity of content to encourage all types to sign up. If everything on that service was the sanitized family-friendly Disney stuff, they wouldn’t be able to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon on subscriber numbers.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:04 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A DRAMA SERIES – Stephen Daldry, Directed by; The Crown • Paterfamilias • Netflix; Left Bank Pictures in association with Sony Pictures Television

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:05 pm

OK, now Handmaid’s Tale, Stranger Things and This is Us are the only Drama Series nominees yet to chart in other categories tonight… and there’s still time. This might be the closest Drama Series race in memory.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:07 pm

I wonder about how open Disney will be to anything provocative if it might engender controversy. Look how quickly they bounced Roseanne from by far the most successful new sitcom (Roseanne helpfully revealed how her character dies today, i guess she lets it hang out since Twitter is all she’s got now). And they bounced James Gunn because of old indefensible tweets, and destabilized Guardians of the Galaxy. They did this stuff moments after controversies erupted. They clearly don’t even want to take the chance of offending America. You wonder how much appetite they will have for edge. You can’t defend the words of either person, but they were, after all, just words.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:07 pm

That episode of The Crown was terrific by the way, charting the childhood experiences of Prince Philip at a brutal boarding school as, in the show’s present chronology, he’s prepping to send Prince Charles to the same schoo.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:08 pm

Waaa. I’m a prince and I have to go to boarding school.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:08 pm

The struggle is real for the upper classes, Mike.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:09 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES – Matthew Rhys as Philip Jennings; The Americans • FX Networks; Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:10 pm

Re: Disney – you’re talking about two legacy brands under the umbrella, in ABC and Marvel. If they’re smart, they’ll treat Fox, and new acquisitions, as free to roam and do what they do, which appeals to a different audience than the mainstay Disney stuff.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:10 pm

Looks like your Friday Night Lights comparison was apt, Nellie. I imagine Mike is pirouetting right now.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:11 pm

I interviewed Matthew Rhys, and asked him how he nailed that American accent. He cited watching episodes of the series Airwolf. True story.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:11 pm

We got a full ‘Friday Night Lights’ repeat with ‘The Americans’ winning its first writing and lead actor in a drama series Emmys in its final try. Will the Cold Drama series go even further?

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:12 pm

Matthew Rhys is British, by the way. Wales still counts. For now.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:12 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES – Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II; The Crown • Netflix; Left Bank Pictures in association with Sony Pictures Television

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:14 pm

And another Brit! This is a big win for Foy in her final go-around as Queen Elizabeth II. She will be dethroning in favor of Olivia Colman – hotly Oscar tipped for playing another British Queen in The Favorite – next season. Let this be a lesson to you all: British Queens = awards glory.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:29 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING REALITY-COMPETITION PROGRAM – RuPaul’s Drag Race • VH1; World of Wonder Productions

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:30 pm

OK, the show categories have begun…

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:30 pm

This is only the fourth series to win the reality competition category ever. 

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:32 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING VARIETY SKETCH SERIES – Saturday Night Live • NBC; SNL Studios in association with Universal Television and Broadway Video

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:32 pm

Mike, any thoughts on this one??

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:32 pm

A Trump shout out?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:33 pm

‘SNL’ just topped its record with 72nd Emmy win. 

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:33 pm

Despite a lack of laughs on tonight’s Emmycast, SNL was very good last season.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:36 pm

Seems this year’s Oscar champion is also a fan of The Americans:

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:38 pm

How can you not be? The finale, where Stan Beeman confronts Philip and Elizabeth Jennings in that parking garage? Wow that was great TV.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:38 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING VARIETY TALK SERIES – Last Week Tonight With John Oliver • HBO; HBO Entertainment in association with Sixteen String Jack Productions and Avalon Television

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:40 pm

A third win in a row for John Oliver’s show in this highly competitive category. 

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:40 pm

Yes, he is on his way to match the streak of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. 

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:42 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING LIMITED SERIES – The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story • FX Networks; Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:44 pm

I gotta say I love this American Crime Story format. First OJ, now Versace, next Katrina. It’s an adaptable format producing really great shows that open eyes to stories blitzed in the media.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:47 pm

It’s 3:46 here in London and there are only a couple more categories to go. I’m doing pretty well, considering.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:47 pm

After two back-to-back Emmys for the first two installments of ‘American Crime Story,” a long-awaited green light for Season 3 may not be far away. It’s tipped to be the Katrina-themed ‘Five Days at Memorial.’

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:48 pm

You go on about your Brits. Has there been a better series on air than Who is America, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime series? Highlight of the whole summer, that and Yellowstone.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:50 pm

Sacha is a national treasure to me. In a past life I interviewed him – in character as The Dictator. He made out he’d kidnapped my mother and would only release her if I gave him a good interview. Who is America has been hilarious, and the way he’s pulled off so many of those segments… it beggars belief. Here’s to that Brit’s victory at next year’s Emmys.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:50 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING COMEDY SERIES – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • Prime Video; Amazon Studios

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:51 pm

I have to say, this feels expected after those early victories. A great success for Amazon.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:52 pm

is he reading his speech off his iphone?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:52 pm

Amazon becomes the second streaming platform to win a best drama/comedy series, following Hulu with ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ last year. 

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:52 pm

Even the audience looks bored.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:53 pm

Can Netflix take Drama with Stranger Things or The Crown? Remarkble they’ve yet to claim either of these top two prizes.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:53 pm

Of course, Handmaid’s is back in this race too…

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:54 pm

I am going with The Americans for the upset. But can it beat Game of Thrones?

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:55 pm

If I were a betting man, my money would be on Thrones

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:55 pm

But I would be really worried about losing it.

Patrick Hipes September 17, 20187:58 pm

WINNER: OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES – Game Of Thrones • HBO HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; 360 Television/Startling Television

Joe Utichi September 17, 20187:59 pm

I really wish I were a betting man.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20187:59 pm

How long do we have to wait for that final season?

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20187:59 pm

It came down to the very final category. With a third consecutive best drama series for GOT, HBO tied Netflix.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20188:01 pm

More importantly, who will survive that final season? I’m expecting a bloodbath. Mainly because every season of Game of Thrones is a bloodbath.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20188:01 pm

An extremely close race between HBO and Netflix, big night for Amazon and ‘Mrs. Maisel’, strong showing for ‘Barry’ and ‘The Americans’ but no love for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’

Mike Fleming September 17, 20188:01 pm

What can HBO look forward to, when GOT ends its run? Is Netflix an unstoppable force?

Joe Utichi September 17, 20188:03 pm

Netflix is bound to prevail eventually in these top two categories. But I wouldn’t count HBO out just yet. They don’t appear to be slowing down.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20188:03 pm

It was nice to see HBO and Netflix battle it out, and we got a marriage proposal, and some lively banter from Betty White. But wow, the Emmycast felt somehow dull.

Nellie Andreeva September 17, 20188:04 pm

It will be interesting if HBO really bulks up under AT&T to rival Netflix with bigger volume. These two may keep going at each other for awhile. Amazon is amping its output too. 

Mike Fleming September 17, 20188:06 pm

What Netflix is doing because it has unlimited financial resources is it forces HBO to spend on quality. On the movie side, the talk of Toronto was wondering if Netflix will give Alfonso Cuaron’s ROMA a proper theatrical release, which isn’t consistent with its model, because it has a real chance at Oscar. But many note that no other movie outlet would have given Cuaron the $25 mill or so he needed to tell a black and white intimate story in a foreign language. They are empowering artists, but the question is how long will they keep it up. Feels like for now, the audience benefits.

Mike Fleming September 17, 20188:08 pm

Amazon will be the wild card. I’m not convinced Peter Jackson will have anything to do with the Lord of the Rings series, which Amazon paid a mint to acquire. Not sure how you set a series in a world that Jackson brought to life, without him somehow involved.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20188:08 pm

Yes, to me the real winners in the streaming race are audiences. Audiences and creative visionaries that these streamers can’t help but get into bed with. A hugely competitive landscape is one that benefits consumers

Mike Fleming September 17, 20188:09 pm

Well, that’s a wrap folks. Good night.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20188:09 pm

As the winners head off to toast their victories – and the not-so-winners head off to drown their sorrows – I’m calling it a night. Because the sun is literally about to rise over here.

Joe Utichi September 17, 20188:10 pm

Thanks for joining us.