UPDATED with CMC/Forecast statement: SAG-AFTRA has issued a “high alert” aimed at four more so-called “signatory services” that the union says are operating as “illegitimate employers” of its members on commercial shoots. The companies are CMC/Forecast, Waving Cat, Talent Solutions and Talent Direct. 

The union previously had said that the four companies were under investigation, but now it has confirmed that they have “violated their obligation to serve as an employer of performers and that their signatory status could be revoked at any time.” The guild had previously revoked the signatory status of another signatory service called Executive Media Services for allegedly being an “illegitimate employer.”

SAG-AFTRA says it will keep the four companies – in particular Chicago-based CMC/Forecast – “under heightened scrutiny due to their past violations of the collective bargaining agreement.”

CMC/Forecast spokesperson Sandy Drayton spokesperson said in a statement today: “SAG-AFTRA has notified CMC/Forecast that its signatory status remains active. The union has invited us to continue our ongoing and productive dialogue. We anticipate a successful conclusion.”

The guild says that this latest move is part of its ongoing crackdown on ad industry companies that “falsely represented themselves as real employers of performers.” It says its probe has “confirmed widespread evidence of companies providing ‘signatory services’ for a fee and falsely representing that they are the employers of performers on commercials.”

The union’s move against signatory service is part of its multi-pronged efforts to combat non-union commercial productions. On Monday, it ordered its members not to work on a commercial being shot in town this week for the Honest Company, which makes actress Jessica Alba’s line of home products. And in the past year, the union says it has caught more than 130 of its members who have worked on non-union ads and sent them through the guild’s disciplinary process, where they face fines, suspension or expulsion.