Sometimes, you just can’t catch a break. NBC interrupted its regularly scheduled America’s Got Talent programming to deliver the news about the death of Senator John McCain, somberly narrated by newsman Richard Liu. Then, the network fell into just about the most awkward segue possible to return: It went right right back to AGT, landing directly in the middle of a bizarre and preposterous comedy sketch about dolphins, performed by Japanese duo Yumbo Dump. It is so preposterous that it has gone viral.

There was no interstitial network logo or black screen between the news announcement and the talent show, shocking viewers who were absorbing the news of McCain’s death.

Yumbo Dump are a comedy duo from Japan, with Go Kashu, “Yumbo” and Daisuke Fujiwara, “Dump.” They were imports from Season 2 of Asia’s Got Talent, where they reached the semifinals in 2017. They are likely to be a lot better known today.