The National Football League may have its problems when it comes to kneeling, but it’s still one of television’s most solid draws. The Friday ratings attested to that, as the national NFL football game was the night’s leader on ratings/share (0.9/5) and total audience (3.88 million).

That solid performance allowed CBS to win Friday night among the networks, although ratings will likely be adjusted as more local NFL pre-emptions are factored into the final ratings, out on Monday afternoon.

Also doing well on Friday night was Fox’s Big3 Basketball. It’s currently sitting at a 0.6 average, double its 0.3 from a week ago and showing that an audience is there for the gimmicky adaptation of the NBA game, particularly as more veteran stars (Kobe, anyone?) decide to give it a go.

A third “sport” also did well on Friday, as an encore of NBC’s American Ninja Warriors two-hour competition scored a 0.6/3 and a total audience of 2.80 million from 8 PM to 10 PM.

In the 9 PM hour, ABC’s What Would You Do? had an 0.6/3 (up from last week’s 0.5) and 3.14 million in total audience

Rounding out the night at 10 PM was NBC’s Dateline, which had a 0.6/3 and 3.46 million total viewers, just edging ABC’s 20/20, which was also at 0.6/3 and with 3.43 million viewers.