Sexual harassment was the dominant topic during CBSTCA executive session Sunday, with former NCIS: New Orleans showrunner Brad Kern among the main targets, along with CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves, recently accused of sexual misconduct by six women in a New Yorker expose.

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl confirmed that Kern has been formally suspended from his work on the show while the network conducts a third investigation into allegations of misconduct

“I believe in terms of keeping him out of the workplace during the investigation, that was to be as fair and open as we could be,” Kahl said. “The investigation is ongoing. I’m told we will have results soon.”

Last December, NCIS: New Orleans producer CBS TV Studios confirmed that Kern had been the subject of two internal investigations, neither of which was “able to corroborate all of the allegations.”

In May, Kern stepped down as NCIS: New Orleans showrunner but remained on the show, transitioning to a consulting role. CBS TV Studios soon launched a third investigation, with Kern subsequently suspended while the inquiry is going on.

“CBS Studios investigated Brad Kern in 2016, action was taken after that investigation, and there have been no complaints since,” Kahl said. “I am troubled and frustrated that reports continue to come out in the press, and because of that we’ve opened up another investigation with outside counsel. The goal of any investigation, internal or external, is to get to the truth, and I believe they will get to the truth.”