President Donald Trump’s press conference Monday to announce an agreement with Mexico on elements of new trade deal included a phone call live in front of cameras with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto.

The planned call did not go off without a hitch, though, when Trump was stuck behind his Oval Office desk pressing buttons on the console in an attempt to connect with Neito — to no avail — for well more than a minute.

“Enrique?” Trump said into the speakerphone, as pool cameras whirred in front of him. “This is a big thing,” he said, talking to someone offscreen, “lotta people waiting.” After a good minute more, an aide got the two connected.

If the moment seemed like one that would make the end credits of HBO’s Emmy-winning comedy Veep, you were not the only one — the aide could have just as easily been Tony Hale’s Gary Walsh coming to Julia Louis-Drefyus’ rescue. It didn’t take long for Twitter to make it happen.

Louis-Dreyfus, who has won six consecutive Best Actress in a Comedy Emmys for playing a POTUS (and a VPOTUS) and has been in plenty of those end-credit bits on the series, has approved the message.

Veep is in production on its seventh and final season, with episodes to air in spring 2019.