Trump described Cohen a a “part time” lawyer for him who “did not do big deals, did small deals” adding, “I would see him sometimes” saying he “always found him to be a nice guy.”

“I understood Michael Cohen very well…It turned out he wasn’t a very good lawyer, frankly.”

He brushed aside Cohen’ claim in court that Trump directed him to make the hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels and arrange the deal to kill Karen McDougal’s claim she had a 10-months affair with Trump.

“He made the deal.  He made the deals.  And by the way, he plead to two counts that aren’t a crime.  Which nobody understands.  In fact, I watched a number of shows.  Sometimes you get some pretty good information by watching shows.  Those two counts aren’t even a crime.  They weren’t campaign finance.”

But, Trump also insisted “almost everybody that runs for office has campaign violations…But what Michael Cohen plead to weren’t even campaign related. They weren’t crimes.”

Cohen implicated Trump in court when he plead guilty to eight counts of tax and bank fraud and campaign finance violations because it “made a great deal,” Trump claimed.

“Because he was in another business, totally unrelated to me, where I guess there was fraud involved and loans and taxi cabs and all sorts of things,” Trump said. “Nothing to do with me.”

“I guess somebody reported him for some things in his taxi business and that’s how this started.  And they put the two counts of campaign violations in there.

“He makes a better deal when he uses me. People make up stories. I know all about flipping.  For 30, 40 years I’ve been watching flippers.  Everything’s wonderful and then they get 10 years in jail and they — they flip on whoever the next highest one is, or as high as you can go.”

“If somebody’s going to spend five years…or 10 years or 15 years in jail because of a taxi cab industry, because he defrauded some bank – campaign violations are considered not a bit deal, frankly, but if you can say something bad about Donald Trump, and you’ll go down to two years or three years, which is the deal he made.”

“I’ve had many friends involved in this stuff.  It’s called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal.”

“They make up things and now they go from 10 years to they’re a national hero.  They have a statue erected in their honor.  It’s not a fair thing, but that’s why he did it.”