In a barrage of tweets late last night and early this morning, President Donald Trump touted primary election wins, quoted Fox News host Tucker Carlson, revised his campaign slogan to “Keep America Great” and, oh yes, blamed China for hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails.

In nine separate messages sent between midnight and breakfast, Trump repeated his attacks on news outlets relying on anonymous sources and urged his 54 million followers to “stop reading” any article with unnamed sources. “When you see ‘anonymous source,’ stop reading the story, it is fiction!” he wrote.

But the China tweet was noteworthy for a few reasons. First, it contradicted his televised invitation to Russia in the summer of 2016 to “find” the “missing” emails that would go on to become a major campaign issue for Clinton. Also, given that his administration remains under intense scrutiny for its ties to Russia, Trump offered up a different scapegoat. Adding another layer, the tweet was the latest example of the president amplifying a story originating elsewhere in the right-wing sphere. A China-Clinton story was posted Tuesday by the right-wing Daily Caller website — a story, ironically, based on information from anonymous sources.

As results from primaries ahead of the mid-term elections came in, Trump tweeted about “Big Election Wins” and derided Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum, a winner in Florida, as a “failed Socialist mayor.” He also tweeted twice in support of Arizona’s Martha McSally, hailing her as “an extraordinary woman” and a “very talented fighter jet pilot” who turned down an endorsement from “rejected Senator Jeff Flake.”

The results, Trump mused, were making his campaign slogan “morph into KEEP AMERICA GREAT” from “Make America Great Again.” (That “#KAG” hashtag may need some work, though.)

In the Carlson tweets, the president included the Fox News handle and used direct quotes from the anchor commenting about the “scary stuff” President Barack Obama did while in office.

A sampling: