YouTube has deleted four videos on the InfoWars channel for violating policies that ban hate speech and graphic content.

Alex Jones
Associated Press

The videos, which are now posted on the alt-right website, include host Alex Jones going off on how Muslims are taking over Europe as well as another one of him insulting the animated series Drag Tots, which follows drag queen toddlers. Another video is titled “French President Macron Pretends Crime Rates And Migrants Are Not Co-Related” while another titled “How To Prevent Liberalism” features an older man physically assaulting a young boy.

Since the channel has received three strikes within 90 days, the violation of YouTube’s policy is considered a “community strike.” Not only are they subject to termination, but the channel is now suspended from live broadcasts for 90 days.

InfoWars addressed the suspension on their website with a post titled “Sharia-Compliant YouTube Removes Videos Criticizing Islamic Immigration.”

The post said: “YouTube could have simply slapped an age restriction on the videos but instead leapt straight to a copyright strike, further illustrating how this is part of a wider assault to remove the Alex Jones Channel.”

The deleted videos come after Facebook Product VP Fidji Simo was asked today at TCA about the social media site’s handling of InfoWars. Simo said that Facebook attempts to find the balance between free expression and safety of its 2 billion users.

During its inaugural TCA presentation, Facebook tried to focus on its programming strategy for Facebook Watch, the video platform it launched just over a year ago. But questions took a topical, confrontational turn where they were grilled on the treatment of InfoWars, which peddles in conspiracy theories including calling the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax and the 9/11 terrorist attacks an “inside job.” Host Alex Jones most recently went on the attack against special counsel Robert Mueller.