Residents in the hilly neighborhoods surrounding the Hollywood sign have long complained about congestion, traffic and parking woes due to the famed attraction, and Warner Bros. would like to come to the rescue.

Hollywood Sign

The studio is proposing to build an aerial tramway, dubbed the Hollywood Skyway, to take visitors to and from the Hollywood sign. It would run from a parking structure next to the studio’s Burbank lot on Forest Lawn Drive, to the sign and back. A person close to the project tells The Los Angeles Times, the price tag would be about $100 million, which Warner Bros. would cover and would include the tramways’ design, construction, operation and maintenance. The six-minute ride would travel more than a mile behind Mt. Lee to a new visitors center, and would include a viewing area.

The proposal would face a lengthy environmental review process.

The idea of an aerial tramway to the sign is not new, and has been floated numerous times over the years.

The latest effort is being led by Warner Bros. facilities head Jon Gilbert, who told the Times the company has taken steps to ensure the proposed project would minimize the effect on wildlife and avoid obstructing views of the sign from elsewhere in the city.

The tramway also could be a boon for Warner Bros in attracting more tourists to the studio, which has invested millions over the past few years to build new interactive attractions and exhibits on its Burbank lot.

L.A. city officials have been looking for a solution to the traffic problem near the Hollywood sign. A January report commissioned by Councilman David Ryu included the idea of an aerial tram, along with the extension of shuttle routes as well as ridesharing zones at popular viewpoints. Another possible solution proposed by Ryu was to build a replica sign on the other side of the mountain, but that never gained momentum.