Take That star Howard Donald and racing star Dario Franchitti are to front a motoring format that sees two teams of amateur enthusiasts rebuild classic cars.

The pair are hosting Mission Ignition, a four-part series for UK broadcaster Channel 4. It will see classic car collecting Donald and four-time IndyCar Series champion Franchitti, the ex husband of Ashley Judd, lead two teams of passionate petrol heads.

In each episode, two classic cars will be turned into a giant jigsaw puzzle with Franchitti and Donald and their teams battling it out to put their car back together with the first team to rebuild it and start their engine getting to keep it.

Donald, who was a panel beater and vehicle sprayer before joining the British boy band in 1989, said, “I’ve always loved classic cars, so the opportunity to be involved in Mission Ignition and see these historic cars rebuilt is fantastic.”

The series is the first major commission for East Media, the indie set up by former Objective exec and The Cube producer Nathan Eastwood. “There is no show on TV that looks like this, we’ve got amazing and passionate talent in Dario and Howard, I can’t wait for everyone to watch and enjoy the series. The show is packed with take out, genuine edge of the seat tension with a dream prize at the end,” he said.

Mission Ignition was ordered by Channel 4’s Head of Format Dom Bird and Formats Commissioning Editor Jonny Rothery. “Watching the two teams battling it out for the keys to some beautiful classics is truly gripping. Followed closely by the growing rivalry between Howard and Dario, it’s not just a show for wannabe mechanics but for anyone who loves watching passionate people on screen,”Rothery added.