President Donald Trump has spent all week finding ways to freshly shock Americans every day by “attaching electrodes to a different part of us,” Stephen Colbert described at the top of Late Show.

American’s of every political stripe have been horrified “by Trump’s Helsinki hell-sucking,” the late-night host said, describing, “Where Putin was playing chess…Trump was eating his own checkers.”

Everyone around Trump was forced to spend the week trying to put distance between him and Putin, so “this whole sordid thing can be put behind them and the administration can go back to the people’s business of caging toddlers,” Colbert continued.

Then Trump lobbed another grenade, tweeting Thursday morning that he’s looking forward to his second meeting with the Russian strongman.

It was vague. For their first meeting, Trump had to travel to neutral Helsinki. For meeting 2, “where would he even meet with a universally condemned war criminal strongman who personally ordered the attack on our election?” Colbert “wondered.”

The White House, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced via Twitter in the afternoon, leaving DNI Dan Coats asking MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchel, “Say that again?” when she broke the news to him during a televised interview at an economic forum in Aspen, Colorado.

“Mr. President, you just found strength to admit Putin is personally responsible for attacking our election!” Colbert raved, wondering what’s next: “I want Putin for a sushi dinner, I want Bill Cosby for the slumber party, Harvey Weinstein for movie night, and security will be handled by MS-13. Make it happen.”