President Donald Trump’s presser following his meeting with Russian ruler Vladimir Putin will go down in the books as “one of the most surreal performances by a president in modern American history,” NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers told viewers.

Even before heading to Finland, Trump’s swing through Europe was one of his most disastrous trips yet, including a visit with UK’s Queen Elizabeth, where he embarrassed himself when he broke from protocol and walked aimlessly in front of her.

“The queen just disappeared behind Trump,” Meyers marveled. “It’s like a royal eclipse. Seriously, you’re telling me this guy only weights 239 pounds? He’s so wide he completely covered a monarch!”

Asked to comment on Brexit during that UK stop, Trump seemed uncertain what exactly is Brexit, saying, when asked, “I would say Brexit is Brexit.” Trump also seemed to not know which countries are part of UK, saying he believes that people “in the UK, Scotland and Ireland…I think those people like me a lot.”

“Ireland is not part of the UK,” Seth shot back. “They famously fought a ton of wars over it.”‘

He dared Donald, “go into any bar in Ireland and tell them that they are part of the UK. Then you can use their free health care to get the pint glass removed from your rectum.”

But that wasn’t nearly as bad at Trump’s Helsinki summit performance, walking up to which he told CBS News he considers EU a “foe,” like Russia and China, adding, “that doesn’t mean they’re bad.”

“No. That’s exactly what that means,” Meyers corrected.