Greenwich Entertainment tell-all documentary Scotty And The Secret History of Hollywood lured crowds to the Arclight in Los Angeles in its opening weekend, grossing $30,941, which gives it bragging rights as the year’s second-highest opening per theater average for a documentary this year after the launch of Neon’s Three Identical Strangers ($34,301 opening weekend PTA). The title easily scored the weekend’s best PTA among all releases.

Sony Pictures Classics

Other limited releases were more tepid. Sony Classics opened Marc Turtletaub’s Puzzle in five locations, grossing $63,364 for a decent $12,673 PTA, while Well Go USA bowed Detective Dee And The Four Heavenly Kings in 31 theaters, taking in $132,000 ($4,285 average). The Captain by writer-director Robert Schwentke from Music Box Films had an exclusive weekend run, grossing $8,279 and Abramorama opened 93Queen also in a single theater for $7,257 in the three day. 

Blindspotting from Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate expanded to 532 runs in its second frame, grossing $1.325M. Bleecker Street expanded doc McQueen to five locations, taking in a solid $84,378, while Sundance Selects took Far From The Tree to three theaters, grossing $18,178. Amazon Studios moved Generation Wealth to 11 runs for $37,400. A24’s Eighth Grade is closing in on a $3M cume. Three Identical Strangerscontinues to do robust business, taking in $1.27M, while the year’s highest-grossing documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is estimated to cross $20M Sunday.

Scotty And The Secret History of Hollywood tempted L.A. audiences with the story of of Scotty Bowers, a handsome ex-Marine who landed in Hollywood after World War II and became confidante, aide de camp and lover to many of Hollywood’s greatest male and female stars. 

Greenwich Entertainment fittingly opened the title directed by Matt Tyrnauer in Los Angeles Friday, taking in $30,491 from its exclusive run at the Arclight. The finish gives the documentary the second-highest opening PTA for a non-fiction film this year, though box office hits such as RBG and Won’t You Be My Neighbor? made their theatrical debuts in well over two dozen theaters. Still, the doc clearly had its fans in L.A., though how the story travels to other markets remains to be seen.

“This is becoming a banner year at the box office for a select group of documentaries and gratifying to see Scotty also find an avid audience,” said Greenwich’s co-managing director Ed Arentz. “Clearly with compelling stories to tell and in the hands of talented filmmakers, discerning viewers are increasingly finding in docs at least as much drama, humor, pathos, inspiration and sheer entertainment value as the best of narrative cinema.”

Scotty Bowers himself gave what is one of the most memorable statements about weekend box office in memory, and very much in the spirit of the film centered on his life among many of the stars during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

“This is what I’d call an unforgettable weekend—and I have had many! I can’t remember having so  much fun since my threesome with Cary Grant and Randolph Scott. I can’t wait for the rest of country to have an opportunity to spend 90 minutes with me. And today a movie ticket is even cheaper than the 20 bucks I used to charge for my tricks back in the 1950s.”

Scotty And The Secret History of Hollywood will head to New York next weekend.

Sony Classics opened drama Puzzle starring Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan in five theaters Friday. Directed by Marc Turtletaub, the Sundance ’18 debut took in $63,364, averaging $12,673. Turtletaub and Macdonald appeared at a number of word-of-mouth screenings around the country, leading up to the release. Not surprisingly, SPC expected it would be particularly appealing to women. 

“Women adore this film and Kelly Macdonald’s performance speaks to women of all ages,” said SPC co-president Michael Barker earlier this week. “It’s a surprising film that feels fresh and different and it was only a matter of time before Kelly Macdonald would have a role like this.”

Puzzle will head to additional markets next week including Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. SPC expects Puzzle to be at its widest point August 24.

Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate took Blindspotting to 532 runs in its second outing from 14 in the title’s opening frame the weekend prior. 

The dramedy written by and starring Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal grossed $1,325,000, averaging $2,491. Blindspotting grossed $332,500 in its debut weekend, averaging $23,750. Its two-week cume is $1,794,000.

Sundance Selects

Sundance Selects added two runs for Far From The Tree by Rachel Dretzin in its second weekend, taking in $18,178 for a $6,059 PTA. The feature, based on the book Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity by Andrew Solomon bowed with an exclusive run last weekend grossing $20K. 

Bleecker Street took documentary McQueen to five theaters, just one more than in its opening frame. The feature about the late fashion guru/provocateur Alexander McQueen grossed $84,378 Friday to Sunday, averaging $16,878 (-30%). The title by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui grossed nearly $97K last weekend, averaging $24,232. It has cumed $247,700.

Amazon Studios doc Generation Wealth played seven additional theaters in its second weekend, taking in $37,400 in 11 locations, averaging $3,400. It bowed with a $33K gross the weekend prior, averaging $8,401.

A24’s Eighth Grade came in just shy of a $3M cume as of Sunday. The title grossed over $1.31M in 158 theaters Friday to Sunday, averaging a robust $8,339. Eighth Grade grossed over $794K last weekend, averaging just over $24K.

Amazon Studios expanded Joaquin Phoenix starrer Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot to 266 locations in its third weekend from 62 last weekend. The title had a slow weekend at $351,386 ($1,321 average). The feature took in over $265K in its previous weekend frame, averaging $4,280. Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot has cured just under $861K.

Neon’s Three Identical Strangers played 101 additional locations vs. the weekend prior. Directed by Tim Wardle, the Sundance doc grossed $1,271,060 in the three-day, averaging $2,936. Its previous weekend gross came in at over $1.43M ($4,313 average). It has cumed over $6.77M.

And non-fiction box office star Won’t You Be My Neighbor? went over $20M this weekend. The title by Morgan Neville took in $720K in 464 theaters, averaging $1,548. Its cume places Won’t You Be My Neighbor? in the top 15 highest grossing non-fiction titles of all time.


93Queen (Abramorama) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $7,257, Cume $17,020

The Captain (Music Box Films) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $8,279

Detective Dee And The Four Heavenly Kings (Well Go USA) NEW [31 Theaters] Weekend $132,000, Average $4,285

Puzzle (Sony Pictures Classics) NEW [5 Theaters] Weekend $63,364, Average $12,673

Scotty And The Secret History Of Hollywood (Greenwich Entertainment) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $30,941


Blindspotting (Summit Entertainment/Lionsgagte) Week 2 [532 Theaters] Weekend $1,325,000, Average $2,491, Cume $1,794,000

Far From The Tree (Sundance Selects) Week 2 [3 Theaters] Weekend $18,178, Average $6,059, Cume $43,435

Generation Wealth (Amazon Studios) Week 2 [11 Theaters] Weekend $37,400, Average $3,400, Cume $95,913

McQueen (Bleecker Street) Week 2 [5 Theaters] Weekend $84,378, Average $16,878, Cume $247,700


Dark Money (PBS Distribution) Week 3 [10 Theater] Weekend $24,170, Average $2,417, Cume $51,748

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot (Amazon Studios) Week 3 [266 Theaters] Weekend $351,386, Average $1,321, Cume $860,919

Eighth Grade (A24) Week 3 [158 Theaters] Weekend $1,317,561, Average $8,339, Cume $2,966,398

Gauguin: Voyage To Tahiti (Cohen Media Group) Week 3 [11 Theaters] Weekend $21,149, Average $1,923, Cume $146,922

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda (Mubi) Week 4 [4 Theaters] Weekend $8,500, Average $2,125, Cume $64,695

Sorry to Bother You (Annapurna) Week 4 [802 Theaters] Weekend $1,450,000, Average $1,808, Cume $13,351,421

Whitney (Roadside Attractions/Miramax) Week 4 [39 Theaters] Weekend $28,725, Average $736, Cume $2,909,458

Yellow Submarine (Abramorama) Week 4 [40 Theaters] Weekend $38,011, Average $950, Cume $776,434

Leave No Trace (Bleecker Street) Week 5 [291 Theaters] Weekend $499,209, Average $1,715, Cume $4,673,594

Sanju (FIP) Week 5 [44 Theaters] Weekend $79,000, Average $1,795, Cume $7,816,564

Three Identical Strangers (NEON/CNN Films) Week 5 [433 Theaters] Weekend $1,271,060, Average $2,935, Cume $6,771,381

Hearts Beat Loud (Gunpowder & Sky) Week 8 [48 Theaters] Weekend $28,480, Average $593, Cume $2,324,340

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Focus Features) Wee 8 [464 Theaters] Weekend $720,000, Average $1,548, Cume $20,064,000

American Animals (The Orchard/MoviePass Ventures) Week 9 [20 Theaters] Weekend $10,083, Average $504, Cume $2,810,615