Basketball talent isn’t the only reason – and maybe not even the main reason – that LeBron James is coming to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now a more permanent resident of the capital of American show business and one of the major media centers of the world, James has a chance to grow the businesses that will provide the foundation for the rest of his post-NBA life. While there has been no shortage of business opportunities for James while he was based in Cleveland and Miami, coming to Los Angeles promises to take things to the next level for his various enterprises.

It’s worth noting that James is a long-time friend of investor Warren Buffett, a billionaire who has mentored him for some time. In an interview with NBA TV, Buffett once described LeBron as someone who “talked smarter about business deals than plenty of MBAs I’ve met … when I talked with him first, he was 21 then… He knew a lot more than I did when I was 21.”