Kevin Smith is known for bringing us some iconic indie films from the ’90s that eventually led to more mainstream pics that has included comic book fare. Hot off the heels of San Diego Comic-Con, the Clerks director took to Instagram to tease his upcoming project.

“Just finished a huge writing gig that I haven’t talked about publicly yet,” he wrote. “It’s the most massive IP I’ve ever been allowed to play with and if the powers that be decide to move forward with the project, it would be the biggest budgeted anything I’ve ever done. Wish me luck…”

He adds, “Fingers crossed that I get to talk about this one day soon. Or better yet, fingers crossed, we all get to watch it next year…”

Smith, who is looking good after recovering from his heart attack earlier this year, has a couple of projects in the pipeline including a Jay and Silent Bob reboot. His past two films, Yoga Hosers and Tusk weren’t big budget grabs and they didn’t land well with audiences and critics.

According to Box Office Mojo, Smith’s highest grossing movie was 2010’s Cop Out which earned $44.8 million at the box office with a $30 million budget. But of his directorial slate, it was 2004’s Jersey Girl that had the biggest budget. With its $35 million budget, it earned over $25 million at the box office.

Nonetheless, the guessing game has started with people automatically thinking it is something in the comic book/fanboy universe. He went on record in June saying that he wouldn’t be getting behind a camera for a Marvel or Star Wars movie any time soon.

That said, people are leaning towards something in the DC universe considering he has directed multiple episodes of The Flash and Supergirl on TV. Or maybe he will return to his roots with something like Mallrats or Chasing Amy. Your guess is as good as mine.