Starting tomorrow, Imax is launching its biggest global brand campaign ever in 77 countries and 39 languages called “Films to the Fullest” coinciding with their current 50th anniversary.

At a time when there are many forms of media competing for moviegoers and potential moviegoers’ attention, Imax’s campaign looks to cut through the clutter and remind audiences that the cinema format is the most premium means to see a movie, and worth every reason to pull away from your 70-inch flat screen at home. The campaign will run both in-theater and out-of-home, digitally and in print.

“This whole campaign is aimed at engaging our hardcore fans, both fanboys and fangirls, but also extending to a broader range of people,” Imax CMO JL Pomeroy tells Deadline.

In creating this campaign over a four-month period Pomeroy worked with Imax EVP of Brand and Creative, Denny Tu and Los Angeles-based agency TBWA/Chiat/Day.

The campaign is set on educating the marketplace on how Imax stands apart as a cinema experience with the biggest screens, the clearest images and heart-pounding audio, as well as 26% more picture for those films formatted in Imax or shot with Imax cameras. A tagline maintained in the new promos: “The World’s Most Immersive Film Experience”.


The promo above for Mission: Impossible – Fallout is an example of how elements of the new campaign will be integrated into film creative. M:I: Fallout will play at 687 Imax screens this weekend in 50 markets. Fallout reps the third title in the franchise to play in Imax with an expanded aspect ratio exclusive to the large format exhibitor.

“To see those shots side by side, it’s a reminder about the brand and why you want to see these movies in Imax,” says Pomeroy.


With the new brand creative, Imax introduces the Imax Frame, a new visual device that will be on display in theaters and feature three key brand visuals comprised of static as well as  motion pieces: a dogfight aerial spectacle, a storm on the high seas, and a space exploration future.

Pomeroy told Deadline that the Imax countdown introduction before each film, with its visual and sound check that pumps up crowds, will also be relaunched some time during the first quarter next year.

Last weekend both Universal’s Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, Skyscraper, and Sony’s Equalizer 2 played in Imax worldwide amassing $11M for the large format exhibitor. Skyscraper on 519 China screens earned $4.4M, while Equalizer 2 grossed $2.1M at 174 domestic sites, and Here We Go Again $2M WW. Earlier this year, Avengers: Age of Ultron repped the best opening for a Marvel film in Imax at $41M WW.  The Russo brothers-directed title was the first movie to be shot entirely with Imax cameras.

While Imax movie tickets come at a premium price (~$25 versus $17 in New York City), recently AMC Stubs loyalty program implemented a new $20/month movie ticket subscription facet which includes the option of choosing Imax showtimes, an add-on that other rival movie ticket subscription programs do not include.