Today’s tentative agreement on a new IATSE film and TV contract is being recommended for membership ratification by leaders of 12 of IATSE’s 13 Hollywood locals, including two of its three national locals – Cinematographers Guild Local 600 and Art Directors Guild Local 800. Only the Editors Guild Local 700 is opposed.

In a communique sent to their members today, leaders of the Cinematographers Guild – including president Steven Poster and executive director Rebecca Rhine – detailed all the main provisions of the new contract, which they say represents “solid gains for their members” and “will positively impact” camera teams and publicists, who are also represented by the guild.


“It is important to acknowledge that the tentative agreement was recommended by 12 of the 13 Hollywood locals,” they said. “The progress made, the gains achieved in both the Local and Basic negotiations, and the positive impact on working conditions, represent a solid gain for members across all crafts and locals. Our commitment to continuing to find common ground and build consensus and strength internally and externally will continue.”

They noted, however, that “difficult choices are a fundamental element of bargaining and our focus was on making progress – especially in an area like rest periods where we have made proposals without any success for over two decades. We are committed to building on this progress and to expanding our efforts to engage more members, strengthen our internal and external partnerships and achieve our long-term goals.”

The guild’s top leaders said they “will be asking that the Local 600 national executive board recommend a ‘Yes’ vote to ratify the agreement. As with all negotiations, there were areas where we succeeded, and other areas that we can build on. We are committed to using what we learned to become even stronger between now and 2021. Preparation for the next contract begins even as we discuss the ratification of this one.”