A brawl between supporters of President Donald Trump and anti-Trump opponents broke out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last night near the president’s damaged star.

The Los Angeles police are looking for two men that are shown assaulting three Trump supporters. They are also accused of stealing a camera.

A man who identified himself as Tony Hoff said on NBC-TV News that he and his friends knew that going to the star and dressing in full MAGA gear would provoke people. But he “didn’t expect” the chaos that happened.

The fights started around 9:30 PM near the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland, just across from the theater where the Academy Awards are held. The Trump star has frequently been the scene of confrontations, and this week the star was destroyed by a man wielding a pickax.

The brawl resulted in Hoff sustaining a cut over his right eye and half-a-dozen blows. His companion, a female who was not identified, said they wanted to “incite conversations” and were “proud they stood up for what they believed.”  She added that many productive conversations occurred before the violence.

Hoff said he “got dinged up a little bit. They’re not going to hurt us, they’re not going to stop us.”  He added that he somehow obtained his assailants names and plans to press charges.

Video posted to Twitter of the moment shows the confrontation.  Warning: There is explicit language exchanged before and during the battle.