President Donald Trump took out his latest frustrations on his keyboard today, tweeting about the news that his former personal lawyer secretly recorded their pre-election conversation about a payoff to a Playboy bunny who claims an extended affair with citizen Trump.


The woman in question is Karen McDougal, a one-time Playboy centerfold model who was paid $150,000 in August 2016 by the parent company of the National Enquirer. Ostensilby, the payment was for story rights to her claim of a yearlong affair with Trump a decade earlier. In a likely case of “catch and kill,” the magazine spiked the story after securing the rights to it. The parent company is run by longtime Trump buddy and ally David Pecker.

Cable news was in a typical tizzy Friday upon learning that the feds seized the recording during their raid on ex-Trump lawyer/Ray Donovan wannabe Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel room in April. And when the people on TV talk about something, the 45th President of the United States listens, and must weigh in.

While we check on the status of his law degree, chew on this:

Oh, well that settles. Carry on, then. Nothing to see here.

Federal law-enforcement and/or investigative agencies — which are looking into possible campaign-finance law shenanigans, among other things involving Cohen — must go through a rigorous process through the proper channels to secure a search warrant. Did they in this case? Fully conceivable. But hey, perhaps they could have shown some consideration and barged in a little later in the day.

As to whether an attorney record discussions with a client without said client’s knowledge or permission: Depends on the jurisdication, experts say, but New York law requires that only one party needs to know they are being recorded. Summary? Conceivable. Ethical? Toss a coin and call it your way.

Did our commander really do nothing wrong? Conceivable, depending on who you ask.

Notably, the above missive was Trump’s only tweet this morning. Perhaps we should have led with that breaking news.