UPDATED with video: Stephen Colbert admitted there was no way to sugarcoat the day’s big news, that Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced he is retiring from the Supreme Court.

“I never thought I’d say this, but, you’re only 81!” Colbert told Kennedy.

“And don’t tell me your mind is going because I read Bush v Gore, and Citizens United. You never had one!”

“Oh we are supremely screwed,” Colbert wailed. “This could have huge repercussions. Think about it. The court that just this week crippled unions, upheld Trump’s Muslim ban, and race-based gerrymandering, might turn conservative!”

In a letter delivered today, Kennedy informed President Donald Trump he intended to stand down as associate justice of the Supreme Court, effective July 31. “So enjoy your gay marriages now, because as of August 1, you’re back to being roommates,” Colbert advised.