Let’s see, what happened today in Donald Trump’s America?

The president disinvited the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles from coming to the White House, Robert Mueller’s team asked that Paul Manafort house arrest be revoked because they claim that he was tampering with witnesses, and POTUS tweeted that he’s certain he could pardon himself — if he were guilty of a crime. Which he’s not — cross his heart and hope to belie.

Designated Trump pummeler Stephen Colbert picked up on that last topic during his monologue on CBSThe Late Show tonight, read the commander-in-tweet’s missive then being dismissive. On POTUS’ mention of “Why would I pardon [myself] when I have done nothing wrong,” Colbert said: “Ooh ooh — I love riddles! Oh, I know this one: It’s because if bring the grain over the river first, the fox wiull collude with the Russians to get the chicken.”

Here’s how it looked: