After opening Last Week Tonight with a quick nod to Melania Trump’s cheap “I Really Don’t Care Do U?” Jacket, aka “Coatus FLOTUS,” John Oliver immediately dove into a look at her husband, President Donald Trump, aka “the abusive father America will be talking about in therapy for the next 40 years.”

This week we saw continued outrage over his zero tolerance policy causing children to be separated from their parents at the border.

A policy Trump insisted repeatedly last week he had no power to change.

And then he changed it.

“Which  is a little strange because he usually claims he can do things and then doesn’t do them, like draining the swamp, locking up Hillary, or attending Tiffany’s Sweet 16,” Oliver joked.

Unfortunately that exec order has some significant hitches because, while families will now not be separated, that’s because they’ll be detained together. And, under current rules, the children cannot be held in government detention facilities for more than 20 days. Which mean less than three weeks from now they could start splitting families all over again.

Oliver looked at cable news coverage of Trump’s plan to reunited the more than 2,000 children already separated from their parents.

He took issue with CNN saying the Trump administration has released a general plan for bringing separated families together, though some major pieces still are missing, “including a clear timeline on just how long it would take and how it would get done.”

“Those are some pretty major pieces to leave out,” Oliver snarked. “In fact it’s all the pieces! How long it will take, and how it will get done are the whole plan! That’s like a recipe for cake that just says ‘You’re going to have some cake.’ How was this passed down from your grandmother? I think this is nothing.”

But as week went on, perhaps the most notable thing was the lengths some Trump supporters went to defend the indefensible, from ‘Their parents shouldn’t have broken the law’ to ‘The conditions aren’t that bad’.

But, it took Fox News’s Stuart Varney to “go with the bold argument of ‘Who gives a shit?,” Oliver scolded.

Appearing on FNC’s Fox & Friends, the Fox Business Network star had said, ‘If you read the headlines, or you watch the evening news today or yesterday or this week at all, it’s Trade War, it’s Children in Cages. The real big story that affects everybody in America is the success of the president’s tax cut package and what it’s done for our economy.”

Responded Oliver on HBO: The “Why are we walking about this, we should be talking about something else” deflection technique “doesn’t really work when the thing you’re deflecting from is Children in Cages.”

“If a realtor selling a house were to say ‘Why are we talking about children in cages? The kitchen has marble countertops’ the only acceptable answer would be ‘Because they’re children. And they’re in cages. Someone needs to let them out, you fucking monster’.”