James Corden, who has taken Late Late Show to London for a week, took a moment to talk about the 2,300 children forcibly removed from their parents by the government of the United States.

“Part of my job on a daily show is…I will come out and we will talk about the news. But at the moment the news is pretty tough to talk about,” Corden began  – the sort of somber late-night TV moment typically reserved to address a terror attack or mass shooting.

“Being away from America…hasn’t kept any of us from paying attention to what is going on…right now,” he said.

“I’m sure you have seen these images of families being forcibly separated at the U.S./Mexico border. Immigrant children laying in cages is nothing short of horrific. I don’t think this is an American political issue. I think this is simply a human decency issue.”

“Rather than sit her and tell you about something you already know is awful, I thought maybe it will be more productive to just tell you what you could do to help these families be reunited,” the Brit comic/actor explained.

He directed viewers to RAICES, the refugee and immigrant center for education and legal services, in Texas. The organization provides lawyers for the separated children and the immigration bond which releases the parents from detention allowing their children to rejoin them.

“Whether it’s a pound or euro or dollar,  please help reunite these families because immigrant children are children, and immigrant parents are parents,” Corden urged. “And every child deserves to be with their parents” as www.raicestexas.org was displayed on screen.