EXCLUSIVE: Israeli box office hit Maktub is being lined up for French and Italian movie remakes with the producers of Ariel Vroman’s upcoming Netflix thriller The Angel and Donald Sutherland-Helen Mirren starrer The Leisure Seeker.

Paiva Films and Adama Pictures have taken remake rights to the film for France while veteran outfit Indiana Production has taken rights for Italy, respectively. As we previously reported, a U.S. remake is already in the works.

The well-received original, which won awards at Palm Springs and Chicago Film Festival, is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide and is one of the most successful local films at the Israeli local box office in recent years, pulling in more than 650,000 admissions.

The politically incorrect caper, directed by Oded Raz, sees two small-time enforcers for a Jerusalem mob protection racket attempt to change their ways when they survive a suicide bombing and set out to fulfill the wishes of those who leave notes at the Western Wall. The word maktub is Arabic for fate or destiny.

Pic stars Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon, the writers and stars of hit local TV shows Scarred and Asfur. Producers are Adar Shafran and Roni Abramosky and co-producers are major local distributor-producer United King. Tomer Shmulevich of LA-based A.M.T. Management reps Amir, Savyon and film sales on the film and will be executive producer on the European remakes.

The U.S. remake is being produced by Shafran and Shmulevich and executive-produced by United King’s Moshe Ederi.