The long-awaited Pixar sequel Incredibles 2 opened in theaters this weekend, but as it rakes in the dough at the box office, the animated feature is also drawing attention for its use of strobing lights. As flashy and fun as it may sound, it may be a health hazard for some.

In a series of spoiler-free tweets from Veronica Lewis, she warns that the movie is filled with “tons of strobe/flashing lights” and that it may not be ideal for those with epilepsy or have a chronic illness that makes them sensitive to such effects.

She mentions that the villain in the movie hs a weapon that flashes lights to disorient people. “One of these scenes lasts over 90 seconds with [a] continuous strobe light, other scenes last anywhere from 5-30 seconds. My descriptive audio device warned me about the larger scenes, but other times it was light strobe lights came out of nowhere for no reason,” she tweeted.

“I am not calling for a boycott of Incredibles 2, or to change the movie,” she adds. “It is very well done, and the strobe lights are an important point in the plot. I just wish Disney/Pixar and theaters alike would issue a warning that the movie contains several scenes with strobe lights.”

In addition to Lewis, there were many others that shared the same thoughts. Theaters have been reportedly posting warnings of the strobing lights, alerting viewers before they watch the Pixar sequel.