“We’ve chosen a job so difficult, requiring so many technological developments, we’re gonna have to start from scratch.” So says Deke Slayton (Kyle Chandler), the original Mercury Seven astronaut who eventually had to pick who would be the first human being to walk on the moon. “Only after we’ve mastered these tasks do we consider trying to land on the moon.”

Here’s the first trailer for First Man, starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, who famously got that gig. Damien Chazelle’s directorial follow-up to La La Land looks at Armstrong’s and the legendary July 1969 space mission that delivered on President Kennedy’s proposal/promise of eight years earlier.

Among the cautionary quotes in the moonshot trailer: “It’s go up like a half-kiloton A-bomb if it blows.” “The vehicle’s not safe.” “This isn’t just another trip, Neil.” But throughout it all, the stoical Armstrong insists that it’s going to work.

Claire Foy, Patrick Fugit, Brian James d’Arcy, Ethan Embry, Corey Stoll, Jason Clarke, Shea Whigham, Lukas Haas and Pablo Schreiber are among the many names in the film scripted by Josh Singer based on James R. Hansen’s book. Universal lights this candle on October 12. Check out the trailer above and tell us what you think.