If you are among those who think Kirstjen Nielsen’s decision to dine Tuesday night at a Mexican restaurant was not so much “tone deaf,” as some media outlets have reported, as “deliberate Trump-base-revving stunt,” you are in good company.

Nielsen, apparently deciding she had a craving for Mexican food Tuesday night, headed to MXDC for dinner, when activists approached her table, shouting “Not in D.C.” etc.  She and her body guards left and got into the vehicle parked immediately outside. It was reminiscent of that stunt last fall when Veep Mike Pence and Mother flew to an Indianapolis Colts vs San Francisco 49ers game, so they could turn around and walk out when about 20 49ers kneeled during the national anthem. President Donald Trump bragged, after that caper, that he had orchestrated it.

MXDC, in downtown Washington, D.C. is located directly across from the National Press Club, and spitting distance from the White House. On its web site, it promises to create a “memorable experience for diners,” who got more than their share last night.

Nielsen reacted to her trauma by retweeting this:

Here’s some footage of her made-for-sharing dinner: