The BBC are having a hard time with their live feed of the World Cup today with its post-match analysis of France’s narrow win over Australia cutting out a number of times.

The British public broadcaster will be glad that the technology failure happened after the match, so as not to remind viewers of the torrid time experienced by ITV during the 2010 World Cup where high-definition viewers missed England’s first goal against the United States thanks to a similar error.

The feed cut out three times during the coverage, which featured former Manchester United defender Phil Neville, ironically, discussing the controversial video technology VAR, which is used to decide close calls during the game. Neville was in the BBC’s studio alongside former England footballer Alex Scott and ex-Chelsea striker Didier Drogba. It was being hosted by Mark Chapman.

During the black-out, screens initially went to an error message, before cutting briefly to Argentina fans sitting in the stadium ahead of their opening match and then a BBC Radio advert, featuring hosts Greg James and Huw Stephens.

The public broadcaster hasn’t yet addressed the issue but will undoubtedly be hoping that it doesn’t happen at a more crucial time, for instance, during England’s opening game against Tunisia on Monday evening.