Trevor Noah enlisted The Daily Show Senior Legal Analyst Michael Kosta to explain Rudy Giuliani’s “Scumbag Defense” of President Donald Trump.

While “dimpled simpletons” like Noah may think Giuliani, who is Trump’s new personal lawyer, had a terrible weekend of foot-in-mouth interviews, Rudy is, in fact, “a legal wizard and this is his Fantasia,” Kosta explained to Noah.

Here’s how it works.

Before Rudy joined Team Trump, the facts of the case seemed obvious: Trump paid hush money to a porn star three weeks before the election, Kosta noted.

Now, thanks to Rudy, we know the president did not pay his attorney Michael Cohen to pay Stormy Daniels “excpet he did, but from a general legal fund which does not exist. Unless it does,” Kosta clarified.

“Either way, the president didn’t know about it other than the parts he knew, which was nothing,” he added.

And, no campaign finance laws were broken, “because Trump was going to pay Stormy Daniels, or not, regardless of the election,” Kosta said. “This massive tiny payment was chump change that made her rich,” he added.

You can trust Rudy on that, Kosta assured Noah, because Rudy is an expert on campaign finance “even though he knows nothing because he just started on the case like an hour ago.”

“What?” Noah responded.

Kosta broke down Giuliani’s “scumbag defense”:

“Paying off Stormy Daniels is only illegal if Trump did it to help his campaign. But, if Trump was paying hush money to women all the time, then it wouldn’t be for the campaign. It’ just a recurring expense he barely pays attention to, like a cable bill.”

So, the bigger cheating scumbag he is, the less likely it broke laws,” Noah summarized.