The ThunderCats are coming back. Cartoon Network has greenlighted ThunderCats Roar, an all-new series from Warner Bros Animation that’s set to premiere next year. Production is underway.

Cartoon Network

The logline: Staying true to the premise of the original series: Lion-O and the ThunderCats — Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat and Wilykit — barely escape the sudden destruction of their home world, Thundera, only to crash land on the mysterious and exotic planet of Third Earth. Lion-O, the newly appointed Lord of the ThunderCats, attempts to lead the team as they make this planet their new home. A bizarre host of creatures and villains stand in their way, including the evil Mumm-Ra, Third Earth’s wicked ruler who will let nothing, including the ThunderCats, stop his tyrannical reign over the planet.

Check out an announcement video, including behind-the-scenes footage with the production staff, above.

Max Mittelman stars as Lion-O, and other voice cast members include Erica Lindbeck, Patrick Seitz and Chris Jai Alex. Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!) is the executive producer, with Victor Courtright and Marly Halpern-Graser serving as producer.

It’s Cartoon Network’s second stab at reviving the 1980s property; its ThunderCats reboot series lasted one season in 2011. The original Japanese ThunderCats aired from 1985-89 in syndication in the U.S.