CBS’ flagship series, The Big Bang Theory, is heading into its 12th season, the last of the current two-season pickup for the show and new two-year deals for its cast. It was presumed when the two-year renewal was made a year ago that it would likely be the sitcom’s final chapter,

But, as it wrapped its 11th season, Big Bang is not showing signs of slowing down. At the CBS upfront breakfast, the network’s entertainment president Kelly Kahl noted that this season, Big Bang is “zero down” from Season 10, adding that, when all delayed viewing for the highly-rated Sheldon-Amy wedding finale is factored in, the comedy, from comedy star Chuck Lorre, may end up up year-to-year.

With performance like that, “we are hopeful that there will be more” seasons of Big Bang beyond the upcoming 12th,” Kahl said.

“As long as Chuck and his team have stories to tell, we will take the show for as long as they want to go,” Kahl said. “We can take a few more seasons.”

Big Bang comes from Warner Bros. TV, which will have to negotiate new contracts for the series’ cast for Season 13. The show’s original quintet are the highest-paid actors on TV with paychecks of around $1 million an episode.